Wishing you a Merry Scooping Christmas!

What do you think of this wonderful card? Thank you so much to Kenny from mat Pilates for such a fabby card!!! So clever, and so funny! Captures the spirit of our fun classes, don’t you think?

I’m just back from another fantastic weekend, immersed in Classical Romanas or true Pilates Teacher Training. It’s a completely new way of teaching for me, after 13 years of teaching contemporary Pilates, I changed my focus over the past two years to learning the Classical Pilates methodology.

What I am learning is that we are talking about a whole new level, a new quality; and it’s all to do with two key things: 1) who you trained with and 2) how many years you have been teaching. This weekend I trained with a very experienced teacher, Marjorie who learned from Romana herself in New York. Marjorie shies away from the title ‘Master’, and in fact I have stopped using the term myself. I have realised this word can be easily corrupted or misused. The true Master was Joseph Pilates, and his proteges or disciples, prefer the term ‘experienced teacher’.

Here I am (above) pictured with the lovely Marjorie from Holland, who is now training new and old teachers in the pure method; she does all the assessments, and we know we are in safe hands.

Reflecting on the number of currently pregnant women I am working with on the reformer, is testament to the wonder that is Classical Pilates and what can be achieved even during pregnancy using a reformer. In total I have eight pregnant women I am working with 1:1. five on the reformer, and three on mat, (the reason being that these women have strong powerhouses already, because they have been doing mat Pilates for so long. Newcomers must have studio 1:1 if pregnant!

We are wrapping up over the next two days, before we close for Christmas, so this means Christmas-themed Conquer Gravity today and this also means just two more days left to take advantage of our referral scheme! Introduce a friend to PHPT and if they book a block with us, following their free taster session (this can be mat, Conquer Gravity or Mother and Baby), you get an early Christmas present from me – a Private 1:1 studio session! Fantastic eh!! Simply forward this email to your friends and be sure to get them to mention your name when they book their free taster session/ block!

Please be reminded that the studio will be closed 22 December until 7 January inclusive: opening again for mat classes and Conquer Gravity on 7 January, but not Mother and Baby, the first session for 2019 of which will fall on 10 January.

If you want to get ahead, January Trigger Point Pilates fans, please do book your January 19th 2019 session now, to avoid disappointment! Places will go quickly this time of year! Book here!

So it’s a Merry Scooping Christmas from me, and see you on the other side! I’m sending you all my love from the bottom of my heart and to enjoy this Christmas with peace in your hearts and love.

Sabrina xxxx

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