What the spine stretch will do for your body

How are you??? I want to kick off this week with a big thank you and well done to all our Trigger Point Pilates workshop attendees this month. I love seeing you all walk away, knots unknotted, pain melted and slightly blissed out -as only massage can. Sterling effort and happy smiles all round! Great exercises to eliminate Sciatica, tension across the spine, shoulders, neck, back of the Rib Cage and across the Pelvis! Fantastic effort and body effects! Thank you all for being so dedicated and committed to your body and continued training! Well done! And if you want to get ahead and go to the top of the class, you can book March’s Trigger Point Pilates workshop here. Click here to book!

As you will know if you keep scrolling, each week we advertise our free taster sessions for Conquer Gravity and Mother and Baby Pilates classes. I just love seeing new members come, and work through challenges to make great progress. What’s especially nice about Mother & Babies Pilates is, once the babies get to a certain age and start to become mobile, it’s time for our Mums to graduate to adult mat Pilates classes. This is a happy time, because it’s marks a period of growth. So this week I would like to congratulate our lovely Kristin, on her graduation from Mother and Baby Post Natal Pilates to the Adult Mat Pilates! Wonderful to see all the mums getting stronger, feeling confident and improving their fitness and health levels during post natal stages! Truly inspirational seeing these lovely ladies celebrating their achievements! Great effort!

So now, as promised, it’s time to talk about the Spine Stretch and what it can do for your body. Last week I enjoyed great group mat sessions! It was an amazing opportunity to do an exercise with the immediate feedback into your body! Pulling the lower stomach muscles in and upwards towards the side of someone else’s lower legs really helped you all to understand the mechanics of Pilates, and what exactly the body is supposed to be doing and feeling whilst lifting the trunk muscles to move the spine forwards.

This particular movement develops awareness of how important the lift of the stomach muscles are to create space within the spine and in your core area. It improves the powerhouse connection, stretches and lengthens the spine and the back of the legs, strengthens the lower the abdominals and sets the core for the wide open Leg Rocker! Bring it on everyone! Absolutely wonderful to teach you all as always!

I Love you all!

Sabrina xxxx

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