We are Back to Basics this week

How are you this week? Lots of us are returning to routine after a long break this last week or so, time to get down to business and really clean up our Pilates method in people’s bodies to ensure we are getting the most out of each and every exercise and really ensuring we are all feeling the honest powerhouse connection; allowing your body to give its best during your normal day to day activities, as well as your sporting events, giving you more confidence, strength and of course enjoying life pain-free!

Speaking of returning after a long break, this means lots of you will have sessions to catch up on: so I want to offer you the opportunity rather than extending your current block, to trade in three mat sessions for one semi private studio session. Now that really is an offer that is hard to turn down! I would also like to extend this offer to Mother and Baby attendees and Conquer Gravity students too. It’s a not-to-be-missed opportunity to really feel the benefits of the spring-work on the body! A return to the essence of Pilates – remember it’s better to be exhausted from physical exercise than ruminating at night! Just get in touch to organise your session!

And on the subject of ruminating: modern life can be stressful for people, huh! I noticed sometimes people switching off on the mat- worrying about things instead of being present in the body- and this can mean we are not engaging the body efficiently. Remember, Pilates is a treat for the body, so to get the most out of a session, we really have to be mindful and be present. We have to think of it as a daily treat for the body, and not a chore. One of our lovely members, Jayne T. attended on her birthday this week, so I really wanted to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate her on choosing to give her body a little treat, even on her birthday and come to her session!

Now if you are looking for another body treat, we have a brand new date for our next Trigger Point Pilates workshop at the end of the month (last Saturday of the month), so if you fancy getting stretched out and working on those trigger points and releasing some tension, that you can get yours asap here to avoid disappoint! And if you are sitting on the fence, check out the video below!

Finally, please Save the Date: 6 December 2019 for our pssssst – Christmas party at the Skylark. I promise I won’t mention the C word again, I just want you to have the opportunity to come if you want to! I will need to know by early November if you are intending to come. Theme etc will be announced nearer the time. Our December parties are more an end of year celebration and Pilates gathering really, rather than Christmas themed, so no worries if you are a bit bah humbug about the whole thing. You can still come!

Have a great weekend.

Sabrina xxxx

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