Using Pilates to unlock sciatica

10 Piriformis stretches to help get rid of sciatica and lower back pain

How’s your New Year going? If you are struggling with your resolutions, take heart in the knowledge that habits take 30 days to form. Be patient with yourself and remember that through Winter the body needs more rest in order to hit spring running. Get that early night, and don’t give up!

Last week we talked about our foundation: the feet. If our arches are weak, our glutes and inner thighs tend to be less strong, making it harder to engage the powerhouse. And this is one of the causes of sciatica. A shortened psoas is another cause of difficulty engaging the stomach muscles. When the body cannot perform an action fully, it will compensate; in this case ultimately causing sciatica.

The psoas is the muscle that pulls the sciatic nerve, opening the hips by releasing the sciatic nerve; and this is how we treat sciatica – by opening the front of the body. There are many Pilates exercises that address this: leg circles, the 100 and many more classical mat Pilates exercises. Spring work in the studio helps the body to engage the core at an even deeper level, in order to take tension away from the back of the leg, therefore opening the front of the hip.

Many people develop tight hips these days, where we have more sedentary lifestyles, work for many hours behind desks and so on. And this is also important for postnatal women, who develop tightness during pregnancy and also post-natally. Look out for hip openers in class this week! Let’s get rid of pain!

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Love, light and gratitude.

Sabrina xxxx

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