Unlock your Hips and Activate the Hip Girdle Muscles

I heard the birds singing in the early evening this week, and that can only mean one thing – Spring is in the air, I do believe! I am excited, because it’s such a fresh time of year, more sunlight hours, new growth and many beginnings! Spring can make you want to pick up something new you may have been putting off trying because of the shorter days and colder climes. Me, I’m getting back into my running! Doing a lot of Conquer Gravity moves with Bart and practising my new Pilates advanced exercises as well. What about you?

If are feeling the same, and fancy trying something different, let me tempt you with a new habit that will unlock your hips and activate your hip girdle muscles: Conquer Gravity. This discipline delivers all the exercises you will need, to strengthen your body and increase your power output! More energy= win, win! And the extra bonus: when you combine it with Pilates: your Conquer Gravity moves will be cleaner, enabling you to perform your exercises with more confidence and control. Yeoow!

Push through bar being used in a studion pilates session at PHPT Pilates, Edinburgh

And here is a perfect example: presenting the Push Through Bar. A studio Pilates apparatus, which is amazing for the shoulders, neck, back and spine. It helps to release tension from the pelvis girdle altogether, which will translate to more confident and controlled strengthening exercises in Conquer Gravity.

What do I love so much about Studio Pilates? Romana Kryzanowska, (Joseph Pilates’s Protége), says of studio equipment: “It’s not a machine, it’s an apparatus! A machine works you . . . an apparatus, you have to work it”. The apparatus supports your movements and gives the body proprioceptive feedback, meaning it’s great for everyone, and in some cases preferrable to mat Pilates, for example in the case of injury or postnatally for some women. If you fancy trying studio Pilates, do get in touch via the usual channels.

I’ll leave you with a reminder to please to book your space for this month’s Trigger Point Pilates workshop, coming up this weekend 23rd February. Click here to book! Two spaces left!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Sabrina xxxx

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