The True Framework of Pilates

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Have you ever looked at a Pilates Reformer and thought ‘Wow . . . that machine looks scary!’

It’s totally normal for first timers and beginners to feel intimidated by the different kinds of Pilates equipment as each apparatus looks pretty complicated with springs, straps, handles . . . etc. The detailed nature of the equipment correlates to the detailed level of exercises that one can do to target and strengthen specific and different muscles in the entire body.

Every Pilates apparatus is creatively designed by Joseph Pilates (Creator of the True Pilates Method) and the purpose of the equipment is to challenge as well as support students perform Pilates exercises that are adjustable according to individuals’ needs and capabilities. The apparatus is designed to make the body move through a range of motion exercises that encourage the ‘extra’ movement; the extra stretch, the extra resistance to build muscles as well as a strong core. After regularly practising Pilates on the equipment, the body reconditions and transforms for greater flexibility, proper spine alignment, correction of muscle imbalances and maintenance of overall health.

Pilates studios trust the Pilates method as there have been historical clinically proven results in the past years especially in the case of rehabilitation. Joseph was considered a health genius during his time; each Pilates equipment was developed with great thought; i.e., the width, the height, the level of spring resistance…etc. were all designed for a specific purpose.

His aim was to encourage people to connect to his exercise method as it involves dwelling on the body’s capabilities to heal itself with the support from the mind regardless if you were trying to recover or just wanting to improve your existing physical condition. It was said that his apparatus was built by his brother, Fred Pilates who also re-engineered furniture to master Joseph’s creativity.

So if all the Pilates equipment led to the same or similar benefits, why did Joseph Pilates create so many different Pilates equipment?
Joseph first introduced Matwork, a series of range of movement exercises on the floor for German citizens who accompanied him during his internment. This helped to build strength and endurance for all the people he surrounded during this time and this set the foundation of his unique exercise method.
Performing exercises on the floor was challenging because the body weight applies the resistance to the exercises. Joseph realized that only a few people were able to perform the exercises correctly on the Mat, hence the push to invent equipment to support the majority who didn’t. Hence, I would love many of you to have an opportunity to have private sessions or semi privates to experience in your body the true framework of Pilates and transfer this experience in your body not your mat workout. You will feel the deepest core connection and understand how the body works in so many different levels.

So, always remember to give yourself, or a friend or a family member a Pilates session in the studio using the true and authentic Pilates apparatus for a treat or birthday (or even Christmas Present?)

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Taster Class Opportunities

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“I have found that Conquer Gravity is a mind and body discipline. There’s an emphasis on maintaining form in the execution of each movement which demands total mental and physical concentration. I have definitely experienced benefits; mainly being increased power and balance.”
Amit, conquer gravity enthusiast.

💪We also make sure we have loads of fun! You will get fitter, stronger and learn to be aware of your body!

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Thurs 19 September 6.15-7.15pm

Mon 23 September 7.35-8.35pm

Thurs 26 September 6.15-7.15pm

Mon 30 September 7.35-8.35pm

We also make sure we have loads of fun! You will get fitter, stronger and learn to be aware of your body!

Please text the words “FREE TASTER Conquer Gravity ” to Sabrina on 07922 202 968 or Email to find out more about trying this session completely free and with no obligation.

Post-Natal Mother & Baby Pilates:

Come and meet like–minded Mums, discover the wealth of recovery and strength that is to be had for postnatal women as well as all of these benefits:
👶Work on Pelvic Floor muscle strength
👶Improve posture, coordination, balance and control
👶Feel more confident
👶Assessment and work on Diastasis of the Rectus Abdominals
👶Improve core and stability
👶Meet like- minded mothers and make loads of lovely new friends!
DEADLINE: Monday 30 September 2019

Choose from the following dates:

Thurs 19 September 1.30-2.30pm

Mon 23 September 10.30-11.30am

Thurs 26 September 1.30-2.30pm

Mon 30 September 10.30-11.30am

We also make sure we have loads of fun! You will get fitter, stronger and learn to be aware of your body and your baby will have great fun spending quality time with you too!

Please text the words “FREE TASTER postnatal” to Sabrina on 07922 202 968 or Email to find out more.

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