Please make sure you do this before the end of the week . . .

Christmas party time at PHPT Pilates Portobvello Edinburgh

It’s the beginning of the month, so please do get on and book in your sessions for December on MindBody! And you can even get ahead and book into the first week of January now too!

And speaking of getting ahead: January Trigger Point Pilates fans, please do book your January 19th 2019 session now, to avoid disappointment! Places will go quickly this time of year! Book here!

So it’s Christmas week for me – today the Mums and Babies are celebrating with a lovely lunch at Jaffle Joint, which I am so looking forward to: a cosy hang-out with some like-minded people, enjoying good food and good company. And then tomorrow onto our Christmas Party for everyone else! This is my favourite week of the season: this IS my Christmas week, as I consider the wonderful people I work with every day as my family! So please, bring your best smiles and let’s have some fun!! (If you are after a last minute ticket- please send me a text on 07922 202 968 and I can let you know live, if there are any tickets left!)

I am just back from another weekend of epic Masters training down south. I was unable to take any pictures this weekend, as the training was so full on and I didn’t have a moment to stop and think about photos! Our next weekend on 14/15/16 December will be with Masters instructor Marjorie from Holland- I can’t wait! I am learning so much, and looking forward to enhancing my teaching with you all! At the moment my focus in class is creating that lifting sensation from the powerhouse. Remember I want you to breath normally, as you need to: as long as you are moving from the lower abdominals. The breath is important in Pilates, but without the correct movement first, who cares about the breath?! Let’s get you all moving efficiently from the core muscles first!

Just another reminder of our referral scheme which is back this month as promised, and valid until 22nd December! Introduce a friend to PHPT and if they book a block with us, following their free taster session (this can be mat, Conquer Gravity or Mother & Baby), you get an early Christmas present from me- a Private 1:1 studio session! Fantastic eh!! Simply forward this email to your friends and be sure to get them to mention your name when they book their free taster session/ block!

Please note the studio will be closed 22 December until 7 January inclusive: opening again for mat classes and Conquer Gravity on 7 January, but not Mother & Baby, the first session for 2019 of which will fall on 10 January.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and LET’S PARTY!!!!

Sabrina xxxx

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Upcoming Events

6 December Mother & Baby Christmas Social
7 December Annual Christmas Party
Sat 22 December 2018- 6 January 2019 Studio closes
19 January 2019 Trigger Point Pilates Workshop

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