Keeping it tall

With just over two weeks ’til our Big Birthday Party Bonanaza on 24th May, I have loved looking back on some of the fun memories at the studio. This time we are hoping the weather will be kind and the sun will be shining, so we can have our barbecue from 4pm. Children and families are most welcome at our barbecue and both celebrations will be taking place at The Grange Club in Stockbridge (the evening party from 7pm). If you haven’t already, please don’t forget to RSVP by emailing me directly on to let me know if you are planning to attend one or BOTH of our party events on 24th May.

Just as exciting is the beginning of our launch FORTNIGHT – the week commencing 27 May; to coincide with our visiting teaching from LA – please make her feel welcome if you see her. The launch this is a two-week long event, where you will be able to invite your friends to a free class! Who will YOU bring???

Our next Trigger Point Pilates workshop will fall on the 15th June. You are warmly encouraged to get booked in promptly for this event, as there will be no Trigger Point workshop in May or July, so we expecting big numbers. Here’s the link: Click here to book!

This week I am focused on keeping you tall long after you have left class. What do I mean by that? Well, you may have noticed that I have worked you a bit harder than usual? I have been aiming to keep you moving, by connecting the movements as much as possible so the session is almost like a dance. That way you will feel you get a really good workout. You will also notice a bit more sweat and flow, but all this adds up to progress, rather than stop starting all the time. This is the magic of the Pilates flow: when you get your heart racing, the blood pumping, it all creates a lovely sensation of sequencing and flow. And in order to manage this new flow, it is essential to keep the scoop; keep the core muscles engaged instead of holding and dropping and letting go. This does take a bit of practice, but when you realise that it is possible to stay engaged, rather than letting gravity take over, you will remain tall after class. So my key take-away this week is: encouraging your stomach, will allow you to maintain your flow.

Have a fab weekend!

Sabrina xxxx

Upcoming Events

Launch Week – TBA
24 May- Barbecue and Party!
Week commencing 27 May: Launch FORTNIGHT

Taster Class Opportunities


We also make sure we have loads of fun! You will get fitter, stronger and learn to be aware of your body!

Please contact Sabrina on Email or call 07922 202 968 to find out more about trying this session completely free and with no obligation.

I have found that Conquer Gravity is a mind and body discipline. There’s an emphasis on maintaining form in the execution of each movement which demands total mental and physical concentration. I have definitely experienced benefits; mainly being increased power and balance.

Amit, conquer gravity enthusiast.

Post-Natal Mother & Baby Pilates:

Come and meet like–minded Mums, discover the wealth of recovery and strength that is to be had for postnatal women as well as all of these benefits:

  • Work on Pelvic Floor muscle strength
  • Improve posture, coordination, balance and control
  • Feel more confident
  • assessment and work on Diastasis of the Rectus Abdominals
  • Improve core and stability
  • Meet like- minded mothers and make loads of lovely new friends!

We also make sure we have loads of fun! You will get fitter, stronger and learn to be aware of your body and your baby will have great fun spending quality time with you too! 

Please contact Sabrina on Email or call 07922 202 968 to find out more.

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