We are just past Mayday and not long ’til the half-way point in the year. What will you be holding onto this Spring, and what will you let go of, as we move into the second half of the year? Something to ponder on this morning . . .

It’s also not long until the Studio (and my own!) birthdays!! So exciting!! Our birthday party date is 24th May, and it will take place from 7pm at The Grange Club in Stockbridge. We are still hoping for good weather on the day for our barbecue from 4pm, where children and families are welcome! Don’t forget to RSVP by emailing me directly on sabrina@phpt.co.uk to let me know if you are planning to attend one or BOTH of our party events on 24th May. Please be reminded that our launch FORTNIGHT will be starting a few days later on the week commencing 27 May- this is a two-week long event, where you will have the opportunity to invite your friends to a free class! Who will YOU bring???

Congratulations to our dedicated team of Trigger Point Pilates workshopees, for another fantastic session at the weekend: I trust you all are still feeling the benefits! If you’d like to get ahead and book in for next month, here’s the link: Click here to book!

This week I am focussing on the relationship between the rib cage and breathing. Few people pay much attention to breathing, let alone the mechanics involved. So you might be surprised to discover that the mechanics of breathing have a huge impact on your posture and movement!

Are you fully breathing out as you breath, or are you in the habit of holding on the out-breath? The habitual process of inhaling and/or holding onto the inhalation of a breath cycle to the point that the ribcage and muscles surrounding the upper torso are held in an expanded or semi-expanded position is known as hyperinflation: not breathing out deeply enough to fully clear the lungs of air and contract the ribcage. This can disrupt your movement both mechanically and physiologically.

In mechanical terms, hyperinflation forces certain muscles to compensate for the abnormal flow of energy, thus creating tightness in the neck and shoulder muscles.

In physiological terms, hyperinflation reduces stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which normally release tight muscles, restores their natural lengths, and renews soft tissue cells to help you recover from training as well as from daily life activities.

A very effective but simple way to address this is to practise full breaths in and out (as pictured above). You could even lay on the floor and as you practise this, imagine you are blowing up balloons. Note: the belly does not pop out, but the back of the Rib Cage expands instead. A bit like inflating a ballon inside the rib cage.This trains proper breathing mechanics and restores mobility and function to the entire torso and rib cage. We will also hone in on the breath this week!

Have a fab weekend! Happy Breathing!

Sabrina xxxx

Launch Week – TBA

24 May- Barbecue and Party!

Week commencing 27 May: Launch FORTNIGHT