I am so excited for the New Year! So many surprises up my sleeve!

Groups at Pilates Portobello Edinburgh with Sabrina Severo

I want to start by saying thank you to November’s Trigger Point Pilates attendees, fantastic session as ever and I look forward to catching you all again to get all stretched out and get that freedom feel factor back on January 19th 2019! Get ahead and book your ticket now!

And speaking of the New Year, I am so hyped up and excited for 2019 already, I can hardly contain myself. So. Many. New. Things. But first, let’s get excited for our Mums and Babies Christmas social; happening Thursday 6th December next week! It’s going to be a lovely opportunity to spend some relaxed time together, have something nice to eat and drink and get a bit festive. Any new Mums/ any expecting friends are more than welcome too, (although please do let me know so I can pre-order with our hosts at Jaffle Joint.) Join us 3-5pm for festive fun, (plus a little bit of postnatal education!)

Let’s also show some love for our Rockstar-themed Christmas do for everyone else, coming up next Friday 7th December- we now have 5 tickets left for the full evening of a 3 course meal and pre-drink! Very reasonably priced at just £25 per head. Prizes for the best fancy-dress costumes! You can get tickets for our party on 7th December, by confirming your place by clicking on this link and selecting ‘going’, and from me in person.

Are you ready for Christmas? I feel the tide is turning and people are wanting a greener Christmas now: less waste, more respectful of our planet. The statistics are quite shocking when we look at the percentage of Christmas presents that are unused and collecting dust or in landfill only months after giving. Many people are resolving to sticking to the five present rule for children: something they need, want, wear and read (and perhaps a little surprise in there too!); and opting for experiences for adults. So, this year, if you too are looking for a fabulous experience to gift your loved ones, why not consider a block of Conquer Gravity, a Trigger Point Pilates session or some studio Pilates sessions? Links to our vouchers below.

Bartek instructor at PHPT Pilates Portobello EdinburghHave you met our new Conquer Gravity instructor Bartek? He is awesome, and if you’ve never tried this discipline before I really encourage you to try a taster session with him this month: he is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient and great with people. And if you love it as much as I know you will, you can book in for a Fresh Start in the New Year, with a new modality, new instructor! What a way to start the year! Thursdays at 6.15pm – come and give it a go.

This weekend I am in London again, for the next wonderful instalment of my Classical Romanes Pilates Masters training. I am so pumped. If you are wondering why I am am so thrilled about this training, there is so much to to it that is fundamentally changing the way I teach! This is the difference between working with the neutral spine and the C-curve, where we move the whole box as one, gaining greater precision and flow. This is a principle that you will fully understand in time, if it’s not yet clear and I will be making bigger changes in keeping with the true method in 2019. Watch this space.

Our referral offer is back this month as promised, and valid from 1 – 22nd December. Introduce a friend to PHPT and if they book a block with us, following their free taster session (this can be mat, Conquer Gravity or Mother and Baby), you get an early Christmas present from me- a Private 1:1 studio session! Fantastic eh? Simply forward this email to your friends and be sure to get them to mention your name when they book their free taster session/ block.

I wish you a great weekend while I am away, and I will leave you with this thought: December can be a challenging time with loads of extra things to take care of, extra social events, family visits and so on. To be in the best frame of mind, to be able to keep giving, it’s important to stay on top of your self-care. So I am challenging you, this December to really prioritise your Pilates sessions and stay on top of your sleep and hydration!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sabrina xxxx

Get your PHPT Christmas Gift Vouchers here!!

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