How can stronger feet affect your Pilates performance?

How can stronger feet affect your Pilates performace?

Thank you all for making such a great start to the year! Whether you are going for Veganuary, Dry January or just starting the year as you mean to go on, I’ve been really impressed with the motivation and energy I have been seeing in class. Let’s achieve great things together in 2019!

This week I want to return to the feet: we can roughly divide the body into key 5 parts in Pilates, and we will start at the bottom, working our way to the top in subsequent weeks. The feet are our foundation, and can be the source of a myriad of ailments, e.g. misalignment in the body, back pain etc, so it’s important to support your feet with Pilates.

Foot arches need to be strong and flexible. But how do you know if you have a strong arch? Try one of these: 1. Sit with one leg over the opposite knee. 2. Stand on tip toes. If your arches do not present in the sitting or standing test, you have rigid, low arches. Higher arches are an indicator of stronger feet. Flatter feet are less strong, which will mean less strong inner thighs and weaker glutes. This means engaging the powerhouse from your inner glutes and inner thighs, is much harder. Ring any bells?

To strengthen the feet, I am sharing two exercises you can try below, the towel pick-up and marble pick-up. Keep scrolling for these exercises; also we will be working on the feet in class, and especially in our Trigger Point Pilates workshop this month on 19th January, where we will focus on getting stronger on your feet. If you want to join us, in this first session of the new year, Book here!

Love, light and gratitude

Sabrina xxxx

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We also make sure we have loads of fun! You will get fitter, stronger and learn to be aware of your body! 

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