The True Framework of Pilates

Every Pilates apparatus is creatively designed by Joseph Pilates (Creator of the True Pilates Method) and the purpose of the equipment is to challenge as well as support students perform Pilates exercises that are adjustable according to individuals’ needs and capabilities. The apparatus is designed to make the body move through a range of motion exercises that encourage the ‘extra’ movement; the extra stretch, the extra resistance to build muscles as well as a strong core.

We are Back to Basics this week

Lots of us are returning to routine after a long break this last week or so, time to get down to business and really clean up our Pilates method in people’s bodies to ensure we are getting the most out of each and every exercise and really ensuring we are all feeling the honest powerhouse connection.

Conquer Gravity with us every week!

Pilates and Conquer Gravity is for absolutely everyone! We currently have a small number of spaces in our Conquer Gravity classes, so of course I am delighted to tell you we have released some new dates for taster sessions in September for Conquer Gravity.

Your feet connection to lift the power house . . .

This week, my focus is really on the feet: stretch the back of the toe muscles and notice how supported and grounded you feel.

Building your stronger inner power . . .

Our renewed focus for moving forward will be on building a stronger inner power, a stronger foundation in everybody’s body and making you all move better each week, a little progress each week adds up!