Fixing those rounded shoulders

After a break, we all need to stretch out and unfurl those rounded shoulders, and Pilates is the best way to do it!

New Growth in Portobello

Greetings from Arran, where we are enjoying a balmy 11 degrees C, taking lovely long walks, swimming in waterfalls and taking some down time, before we are back in Portobello and tending to the new shoots there.

Wellbeing week

I am back and fully nourished after a fortnight surrounded by my family; now I am just taking one day at a time and gearing back up to move forward with all the exciting stuff around our re-launch which has been pushed back to May; the new website and new logo etc, that is yet to come.

Greetings from Brazil

Greetings from Brazil, where I am being enveloped in the love and comfort, only family and close friends can provide.

Update for you

I found all this lovely fresh fruit and vegetables in my Mum’s fridge and made me, my aunt and my stepfather a lovely and nutritional morning juice. My mum always cherished those moments.