How’s your holiday going?

Greetings from this glorious juicing retreat in Portugal!!! If you have watched my little video from the retreat, you will know how amazing this place is! Just look at this platform for our fitness classes! It’s really so… Read More

Stay balanced with Pilates . . .

Much like the middle way in many things in life, balance allows us to spend some time doing the things we know we love – and some time in stretch mode, literally and metaphorically. So here are my 3 top tips for best balance in your practice for the break

How can we keep up with the 6 principles of Pilates during the holidays?

It’s nice to take a break, but no-one likes to get stiff, reduce mobility or strength. So how can we stay motivated in the hols?

Getting ready for summer

Just a quick postcard this week to show you what an inspirational Pilates Seminar Weekend I’ve had, this time at Den Hagen Holland with teachers from all over the world! I learned so much and enjoyed hanging out with friends, new and old.

A Summer Treat?

The true classical Pilates system is pretty hardcore body conditioning. So if you want a real treat for the summer, or are wondering what to ask for for your birthday/ anniversary etc, why not gift yourself a private 1:1 studio session, and experience it for yourself!