Sabrina Severo at Pilates Portobello Edinburgh with PHPT 3

An Overall Look

Physical Health Personal Training provides a FREE no obligation initial consultation for you to meet your trainer and look at your personal health and fitness history. The consultation also presents an opportunity for you and your trainer to work together to identify your current health status and fitness objectives.

First Personal Session

The first session is dedicated to a comprehensive body analysis. This assessment will look at:

  1. Postural Analysis
  2. Endurance Test
  3. Flexibility Tests
  4. Upper Body and Lower Body Strength Tests
  5. Body Fat Analysis
  6. Blood Pressure and Pulse measurement
  7. Core Strength Tests (including lower back, transverse abdominis and abdominal tests)

With the final results of the body analysis, your trainer will provide you with a personal exercise programme that is unique to you. This thorough individual approach helps you to enjoy your personal fitness training whilst ensuring that results are achieved and visible to both you and your trainer.

Subsequent Personal Sessions

Future sessions will begin to work on achieving your personal health and fitness goals. The variety of the exercises in your specific fitness programme is designed to challenge you, using both traditional and revolutionary exercises, maximizing results.

Your progress will be regularly monitored every 6-8 weeks. This helps your trainer to ensure that your programme reflects your improvements as well as helping to maintain your motivation and enthusiasm.

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