How are you all this week? Good I hope!

I’ll start by thanking those people who came to our Trigger Point Pilates workshop this month (last weekend). As you can see we had a full house! It was a great session, and just to remind you there will be none in July; your next session will be on August 31st. Click here to book.

I also want to thank our Pre-Natal event attendees, which took place last weekend also. It’s so great to meet new people, and as we know Pilates is an essential component of prenatal health maintenance and postnatal recovery!

This week I have got an amazing video to share with you. Check it out below. It’s Romana (Pilates protege) doing some of the cadillac tower sequences and on the High Chair (Wunda Chair). What better reminder, that Joseph Pilates’ true system of body conditioning (Contrology) all started from the apparatus, and it is only through these private 1:1 sessions, that we can truly understand the system and discover what our bodies are capable of. The true classical Pilates system is pretty hardcore body conditioning, and look what the body can achieve! So if you want a real treat for the summer, or are wondering what to ask for for your birthday/ anniversary etc, why not gift yourself a private 1:1 studio session, and experience it for yourself!

I’m off to the Hague for the weekend for my next instalment of Pilates training, in the very first classical Pilates studio of Europe in the Hague called The Pilates Studio, 1994.

So all that remains is to thank you all for the great work every week, continuing strength development and of course community support! I really do appreciate it if you could also recommend the classes or the Pilates Studio to anyone whom would benefit from it. That would mean the world to me!

Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend. Love always.

Sabrina xxxx