Starting this week with a big thank you to all my friends and members who came to celebrate my birthday and the Studio birthday last Friday. As you can see we had lots of fun! I am sorry for those who couldn’t make it because of illness- and I hope you are all better!

Fun has been a bit of a theme for me lately, with a wonderful start to the week with Carrie Russo from Los Angeles- our guest teacher, who was here to work with other Pilates teachers. I felt really inspired to spend the day with Carrie, who gathered teachers from Linglisgow and surrounding areas in Edinburgh, who really appreciated the sessions, having never been so close to the real true Pilates system that is Romanes Pilates. I am still processing the messages from working with Carrie, who demonstrated a real goal-oriented approach to Romanes Pilates. She reminded us that it is important to have a goal in mind, and all modifications and corrections should be focused towards this goal; for example only correcting the foot position if this relates directly to the goal of the exercise. This allows us to have clear progression, remembering that the pace is also important in reaching the goal.

Some might be wondering why I went to re-train last couple of years: but I feel very grateful to know the source of Romanes Pilates, and I feel honoured to have this connection to the true Pilates philosophy. I recently read about Joseph Pilates wonderful stories of healing a child who was wheelchair-bound and who had been told he would never walk again. Joseph Pilates had a strong belief in the healing power of the body. And I have really benefited from the insights of hosting another great teacher, who gave to the studio a great reminder of precision of movements and goal-oriented exercise.

I recently finished my anatomy of functional movement studies: leaving me thinking about the similarity between the shoulder and the pelvis: both are ball and socket joints, with the same rotation, the same open and close movement, the same flexion and extension. What’s the significance of all this? Well, this means we can programme our movements in the same way. More on this next week!

And more excitement: as you may know- next week we are releasing new branding, website and goodies galore, with the chance to bring friends/ family/ colleagues to free taster classes! It is a really exciting opportunity to breathe new life into the studio as we all embrace the true Pilates, handed down directly from old JP. So who will YOU bring???

Don’t forget June’s Trigger Point Pilates workshop coming up soon (15th June). This is the only workshop until August after this one, so get booked in promptly as we are expecting big numbers. Here’s the link.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sabrina xxxx

Upcoming Events

  • W/C 3 June: Launch Week part 2
  • 3 June Mother & Baby Postnatal Pilates Launch
  • 15 June 9.30am Trigger Point Pilates
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